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We are a full-service, in-house digital agency that concentrates on service, research, execution and results.
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Thirteen years ago, Jonathan Keri started out working alongside one of the top web development companies in Los Angeles, collaborating with an amazing team and gaining a greater understanding of web development and internet marketing. With a burning desire to start something extraordinary, an idea came into formation with a name that would represent what it stands for, Click Happy. 

Today, Jonathan is recognized as a true innovator in website design, branding & digital marketing. He has helped hundreds of businesses excel online by creating professional, user-focused websites and web marketing platforms, which enable his clients to engage with their target audiences, meet their business objectives, and take their companies to the next level. In this constantly developing field, Jonathan devotes his time to continuously educating himself on the new trends in the tech world as well as innovating his marketing techniques to improve and enhance Click Happy and himself. 

When Jonathan isn’t stressing over work or his minions, he relishes the time spent with his family, his wife and young sons and his dog, Sammy. He enjoys playing the drums and the piano, photography and short walks on the beach.


Click Happy started out as the brainchild of a young Jonathan Keri after finding his passion in web development and internet marketing in 2007. Beginning as a one-man show, Jonathan built his company from the ground up, jumping hurdles and dodging obstacles and wearing many hats to mold and shape and nurture his creation. Before he knew it, Click Happy thrived into a well-oiled machine, fostering the growth of his team and clients into what it is today. 

Click Happy’s foundation is made up of our true passion for solving problems and identifying unique opportunities the web and interactive mediums are capable of, giving us the opportunity to take up each and every project with full commitment and perseverance. Our clients enjoy our proactive approach and the innovation we bring to their initiatives. We encourage communication and dialogue as we take on a true partnership role and respect the relationships we develop. Frankly, each one of us loves what we do and we aim at transmuting this enthusiasm into our work and our communication with our clients to ensure stellar results and satisfaction.

What we do

Our Team

No longer a one-man show, Jonathan formed his team of energetic, dynamic and laborious professionals, each one trained in their own specific field, be it designing, development, animation, software development, copywriting, graphic designing or marketing. Our specialists work together to combine creative ideas with our vast experience to deliver optimal final products to our clients. As a small business, Click Happy cherishes the ongoing relationship built and kept with our clients to guarantee their happiness and success.

With our firm’s extensive experience in the design and maintenance of business enterprise websites, these projects are ones that we can execute with technological, creative, and strategic focus.