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With SEO, your website can appear in the top 5 coveted positions in a web search for your target keywords, allowing more traffic to your business’s website.


What is Search Engine Optimization?

Also known as SEO, it involves the process of improving the quality and quantity of traffic to your website to increase its visibility for relevant searches. This garners more attention and attracts prospective and existing customers to your business’s website.

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Search Engine Optimization is the process of helping search engines “see” that YOUR online content is highly relevant and important for the keywords your prospects type in that little box!


Search Engine Optimization

In the day and age of the digital world, it is extremely important to take advantage of supplies available to boost your business in order to reach more and more people. SEO is a highly-sought resource. Because of this, the stakes are high when it comes to search rankings. We believe it is important to mention the inevitable scammers and the importance of protecting businesses, small and large. Working with unreliable people will not only end up flushing your money down the drain, but your website could be dropped from search results entirely.



Keywords are a main part of SEO. The top results presented in a search engine are produced based on a specific word someone searches related to what they are looking for, a keyword. 

Our team at Click Happy performs keyword research and analysis to choose a suitable list for your business’s website. We look for keywords used by your targeted potential clients in order to create and update the content of your website around those chosen keywords, generating more traffic to your business.


How We Can Help

Click Happy believes in quality and effective SEO as a natural extension of other high quality advertising. Our team provides integrated search engine optimization marketing services and solutions tailored to transform your website into an SEO-optimized and conversion-optimized mobile-friendly marketing platform. 

With SEO, targeted, organic search traffic relevant to your business will be boosted, allowing your brand to gain higher visibility and exposure, building trust, and attracting and converting your targeted audience into definite clients and customers. 


SEO Marketing Services & Solutions

We’re considered as the best SEO company in Egypt as we provide integrated search engine optimization “SEO” marketing services and solutions tailored to transform your website into an SEO-optimized and conversion-optimized mobile-friendly marketing platform that rank in the first search results of targeted keywords used by your targeted customers to generate long-term profitable free traffic.

Detailed Periodical Site Audits

Performing an initial site audit and analysis to define your noncompliance with search engine standards and your current ranking in targeted search results.

Performing periodical site audits and analysis to evaluate your website SEO performance and following frequent search engines’ algorithms updates to perform need updates on your website content, design, and structure.


Keywords Research

We perform keywords research and analysis to choose a suitable list of keywords used by targeted potential clients for creating and updating your website content around the chosen keywords while matching the search user intent with suitable conversion-optimized content to increase conversion and sales of generated traffic.

Premium Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is simply the actions you take to make sure when someone Googles “best tax lawyer near me” or “who do I call to handle my broken A/C”, your company shows up as the first answer.

If your website is built correctly, you should be generating some business right now from people visiting due to word of mouth from your past customers or however they found your site. (If you aren’t getting any results from your current website at all, it’s probably time to get it redone. See our Custom Website Design page here)

Whether you have a detailed plan based on your business’s needs or are completely clueless on where to start, give us a ring! Phone shy? Try our contact form! Don’t hesitate to reach out and gain some guidance! We love working with our clients to shape and form amazing creations that will make both of us go, “WOW”!