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A mesmerizing beachfront city combined with numerous business headquarters makes Santa Monica a desirable place to start your business. Apart from the mild weather and enchanting scenery, the area is perfect for companies of different sizes. Setting up your company here is an excellent move. However, for the company to succeed, a strong digital presence is a must.

Collaborating with local digital marketing experts

With multiple corporations building headquarters here, the consumers are used to having a top-notch digital experience. That is why there is a need to hire professionals to make waves in the virtual landscape. Here, Click Happy comes to the picture. We have a group of exceptionally talented SEO experts, marketing gurus, and web designers with years of expertise. They use their extensive knowledge to generate more traffic, leads, and sales for your business. Our main aim is to make sure that you have a significant share in the digital market.

Click Happy is a well-reputed digital marketing firm offering a wide range of services. With the support of our reliable staff and the latest technological solutions, we assure success for your business in the digital world.

Santa Monica digital marketing services

WordPress web design

It is an attractive website that lures more visitors to your business. To increase the overall revenue, our experts offer exceptional WordPress web design services.

Shopify web design

Our team of digital marketing experts also provides Shopify web designing services. Here, we understand your business practices and create the perfect website for you.

eCommerce web design

Nowadays, the best way to expand brand awareness is to set up an eCommerce store. For that, our web design experts choose unique color schemes and simple navigation tools.

Adwords PPC management

PPC or Pay-per-click management is an excellent way to increase leads and conversions. With our expert suggestions, you can get more traffic to your site with ease.

eCommerce marketing

After launching the eCommerce store, you need to focus on promoting it. Here, the marketing gurus at Click Happy take different initiatives to ensure that people know about your brand.


A high-quality picture clicked with the right background can do wonders for your product or service. We at Click Happy offer excellent photography services with the latest equipment and reliable professionals.

Social media marketing

Utilizing the popularity of social media platforms is an excellent idea for brand promotion. Here, we put out content that re high-quality, readable, and informative.

Facebook advertising

Facebook is one of the most highly used social media platforms. That is why our social media marketing professionals use short and concise posts to attract user attention.

Search engine optimization

SEO-optimized content can increase the ranking of the search engine page with ease. Our experts insert relevant keywords and focus on enriching the content.

IT services

Efficient running of the website needs constant monitoring. With our top-rated IT services, you can expect a smoothly functioning website.

Video production

With our excellent video production team, you can get a high-grade video that focuses on highlighting the benefits of the products or services.

Digital marketing services in Santa Monica

Choose top-rated digital marketing services.

To increase brand visibility, gaining more customers is of paramount importance. Your site needs to be at the forefront when people search for the product or service you sell. To help you achieve the recognition you desire, we at Happy Click are glad to be of assistance.

Our team of reliable digital marketing professionals has in-depth knowledge of the tactics and strategies that can enhance your digital assets. We understand the workings of various search engines and implement different SEP techniques to drive more traffic.

We follow a well-structured plan to ensure that you have an impressive digital presence with years of expertise. For that, we conduct a thorough investigation of your current site. Then, we understand your practice and use measures to transform your vision into reality.

Advantages of opting for the digital marketing experts at Click Happy

There are several benefits that you get from choosing the digital marketing professionals at Click Happy. Check them out here –

·         Years of expertise

Our online marketing experts have years of experience in handling online campaigns. They have extensive knowledge of different techniques and assess your business critically to implement the best ones. Moreover, we make necessary changes along the way as per the analysis of the data. Our solutions are consumer-based and data-driven.

·         Knowledge of current trends

At Click Happy, our digital marketing gurus have immense knowledge of the current trends. They are aware of the present situation and create the digital marketing campaign accordingly. Moreover, understanding the market mood is essential to releasing content.

·         Use of advanced tools

Another massive benefit of recruiting our online marketing experts is access to a wide variety of tools. They use different solutions to optimize the content and make it user-friendly. Here, SEO optimization, an attractive design layout, relevant keywords, and informative content are crucial.

How to implement the best digital marketing practices?

To increase leads and conversions of the website, we at Click Happy implement different unique tactics.  Take a look –

1.      Identification of the target audience

Firstly, our experts conduct extensive research on the target audience. For that, we study your business and understand the service or product you want to sell.

2.      Creating a unique strategy

After that, we work on developing an innovative content marketing strategy. Here, we focus on improving your digital presence.

3.      Develop relevant content

Then, we create high-quality content that is readable and easy to understand. Moreover, we also strategically place keywords to increase search engine rankings.

4.      Integrate SEO tactic

Implementing excellent SEO techniques makes your website rank high on the search engine page.

5.      Keep an eye on the analytics.

After launching the digital marketing campaign, we note the performance and adopt measures to correct the mistakes.