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Known for gorgeous sandy beaches, Newport Beach is a popular coastal city in California. With numerous business corporations building offices here, the economy of the city is flourishing. The diverse financial and business culture enables different companies to compete and gain success.

Adopting a customer-driven approach

While Newport Beach is mostly touted as a recreational center, the high economic rate of the place is undeniable. It is home to tech-savvy consumers that often seek help from the digital world to make buying decisions. That explains why it is vital to create an attractive digital presence. At Click Happy, our team of skilled SEO and digital marketing experts use excellent tactics to improve your website. With our innovative strategies, we generate more traffic to the site, increasing leads and conversions.

Click Happy is a well-reputed digital marketing agency. We have a group of certified and experienced web designers, marketing experts, and SEO professionals. Moreover, they use creative ideas to enhance the marketing plans significantly.

Newport Beach SEO services

WordPress web design

To gain more website traffic, a unique website is a must. Here, we offer top-rated WordPress web designing services and ensure that you have a smoothly functioning website.

Shopify web design

Our web designing experts also offer exceptional Shopify web design services. We assess your business and then design the website for you.

eCommerce web design

The trick to increasing your conversion rates is to re-vamp your eCommerce store. For this, our web designing experts focus on making the layout simple yet impressive.

Adwords PPC management

PPC or Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most effective ways to market your brand. Our experts offer valuable suggestions to increase brand awareness.

eCommerce marketing

Our marketing experts use different tactics to promote your eCommerce store. For that, we opt for unique strategies and concepts.

Facebook advertising

One of the most well-known social media platforms, Facebook is an excellent place to promote your product or service. Here, our experts focus on extending the customer base.

Social media marketing

To gain more brand visibility, social media marketing is essential. That is why we use excellent strategies and tactics to market your brand on different social media platforms.

Search engine optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is an excellent way to make the content more readable. Moreover, this aids in climbing the search engine results in ranking.


With the right picture, it is possible to attract more customers. At Click Happy, we have a team of credible photographers that create beautiful images for your brand.

Video production

A high-quality video of the product or service can grab user attention with ease. Our video production team focuses on creating the perfect video for your brand.

IT services

You can get top-notch IT services from our experts at Click Happy. With us, you never have to stress about glitches or bugs in your website.

Obtain exceptional SEO services in Newport Beach

Newport Beach SEO practices

In order to increase brand visibility, extending the customer base is of immense importance. Here, the main aim is to let the audience know that you are selling the product or service that they want to purchase. Here, excellent digital marketing and SEO services help your business gets the limelight it deserves.

The Newport Beach SEO experts at Click Happy offer customized solutions for each client. We understand the business practices and implement strategies that increase website traffic. We adopt a comprehensive online marketing plan that consists of SEO, website design, and social media marketing.

Our talented team of SEO experts strives hard to increase your SERP or search engine results page ranking. We have in-depth knowledge of the working of the search engines and use different techniques to increase leads and conversions. To stand apart from others in the digital landscape, you can rely on our excellent SEO and digital marketing services.

Benefits of using expert Newport Beach SEO services at Happy Click

Did you know that opting for professional SEO experts can aid in business growth? Take a look here –

1.      Increase website traffic

With our Newport Beach SEO services, you can now get more traffic to your website. Ultimately, our main priority is to increase your business. For that, more and more people need to visit your website. Moreover, it also increases the SERP rankings.

2.      Cement site’s credibility

It is a well-known fact that most users do not browse the second page of any search engine. That is why businesses strive to gain higher rankings in the search engine. With an SEO-optimized website, you can now be placed higher on the search engine result page.

3.      Enhances sales

The main aim of choosing the expert SEO services at Click Happy is to increase purchases. The higher the conversion rate, the more the sales, which leads to more revenue for the business. Making content exclusively for the target audience is the trick to get more sales.

An efficient Newport Beach SEO process

For the best SEO results, we at Happy Click follow a well-developed plan. Check the steps listed here –

·         Website assessment

Firstly, our team of digital marketing professionals inspects your website. They take note of the current practices and see which areas need improvement. Then, they work on developing a reliable content marketing strategy. For this, we use different tools and adopt the methods that suit the digital marketing campaign the best.

·         Placement of keywords

Keyword research is vital in gaining more customers. For that, our skilled SEO professionals use relevant keywords. Then, these are placed strategically throughout the content. The keywords chosen depend on the popularity of the phrase and the industry type.

·         Top-quality content

One of the essential parameters in the search engine ranking algorithm is high-quality content. Here, our experts ensure that the content is informative, engaging, and easy to read. Moreover, you also need to place relevant keywords.