I.T Services

In Click Happy, you will find a focussed portfolio, both vital and essential in achieving your goals, which can scale to support your business both nationally and internationally
I.T Service

I.T Services

Today, information technology is the key driving force behind both your business and your customer relationships. With the right technology, your business can be the agile and knowledge driven organisation your customers demand.
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Workplace, User Experience, Business Intelligence, IT Infrastructure and bespoke solutions that drive increased business, efficiency, agility and lower risk through digital transformation.
I.T Service

Data and Analytics

Be smarter, be faster to market, know your customers better, empower your people with knowledge and insight, grow your revenues. Spark your intelligent business. We have the experts who can put your data to work to unlock valuable customer and employee insights with advanced data solutions.
I.T Service


In today’s fast-paced, digital world, some of your most critical operations revolve around technology. To spark your transformation the infrastructure sitting behind it needs to support, adapt and evolve to meet the growing demands of your business.
We have worked with hundreds of clients, experienced across dozens of industries and have capabilities ranging from design to development to marketing.